Signature d’un accord de partenariat avec
Japan Fine Ceramics Association

A l’occasion du salon Ceramics Expo Tokyo, du 4 au 7 décembre, le Pôle a rencontré l’association japonaise, Japan Fine Ceramics Association (JFCA).

Yano Tomosaburo, Directeur de la JFCA et Florine Boulle, Directrice générale du Pôle ont signé le 6 décembre 2018 à Tokyo un accord de partenariat, visant à initier des échanges entre le Japon et la France dans le domaine des céramiques.


The European Ceramic Cluster visited Ceramics Expo Tokyo in Japan from 4th to 7th of December. Our cluster met the Japan Fine Ceramics Association (JFCA) . 

Our cluster, Florine Boulle, General manager, signed a MOU (Memorandum Of Undestanding) with the JFCA, Yano Tomosaburo, General manager, in Tokyo on the 6th of December. This MOU is to develop the exchange between Japan and France in the field of ceramics.

Alexandra Beaudrouet, projects manager
Florine Boulle, General manager
Masashi Muromachi, Former CEO of Toshiba & President of JFCA
Tano Tomosaburo, director of JFCA.

Ceramics Expo Tokyo

Japanese, Chinese, French, German and Polish ceramic industry player at one spot. An exciting meeting – and all are wearing the ceramitec sunglasses!

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