The Association for the Development and Promotion of the French Ceramic Cluster

Board of directors

The operators of the Cluster are gathered at the heart of an association for the development and promotion of the French Ceramic Cluster.

The association is led by a board of directors and is composed equally between industrial members and other members (financial members, research and training organizations, technology transfer centers, unions, techno parks and consular officers).

It is currently chaired by M. Eric Males (Aeronautics Expert  in OERLIKON BALZERS).

The board of director’s elects among its members a president, two vice-presidents, a secretary and a treasurer.

The board :

  • President, Eric Males, Oerlikon Balzers
  • Vice-president, Marc Montaudon, Safran Ceramics
  • Vice-president, Fabrice Rossignol, irCer – Université de Limoges
  • Treasurer, Françoise Chaumeil, AFPI Limousin
  • Vice-Treasurer, Fabien Husson, CITRA
  • Secretary, Olivier Durand, CTTC

The permanent structure of the association consists of 6 employees.


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