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23 février 2011 | Veille marchés et technologie

Technology Offer (Ref : 11 BE 0324 3KCE )

Functionally graded materials produced by laser cladding technology

Abstract : Laser cladding technology is an innovative technique used for the melting and deposition of any material by powder blown onto flat or 3D substrates. Local welding by laser beam allows sensitive substrates to be addressed without damage. A large range of materials can be processed from the classical inox 316L and stellite to Titanium and Inconel. A Belgian collective center expert in this technology is looking for technical cooperation with automotive, aeronautic or any manufacturing industry.

Description : This Belgian collective research center has recently acquired a new laser cladding technology. This equipment allows any metallic alloy to be deposited onto flat but also 3D substrates. In this technology, the powder coming from two distributors is driven throughout electrostatic-free tubes by pulsed argon and reaches the nozzle. Thanks to special design of the head, the powder flow focuses in the laser beam slightly below the nozzle (3,5 -10 mm), melts and finally enters the melt pool on the substrate. The laser head is embedded in a 5-axis machine from I-mes. There are 2 main resolutions : 700µm-width/150µm-thick and 2 mm-width/700µm-thick with small variations depend on the laser power injected. It’s easy to start from any CAD-designed pattern using PowerCLAD to build, repair or coat pieces. Two distributors are used, allowing a continuous variation of the composition of the part by regulation of both material flows. Application domains range from rough wear part repairing and coating to aeronautic domain and its special graded alloys after finishing treatment.

Innovations and advantages of the offer

  • A lot of possibilities in the alloy composition (depending on the powder used) as well as its variation during the building.
  • It can work on substrate of complex shape, versus the Selective Laser Melting technology.
  • Powder that doesn’t fix the piece can be easily recycled.
  • No inaccessible support to remove after building.

Current and Potential Domain of Application

Wear part Functionally Graded Materials Aeronautic Coating Automotive


Coatings and adhesives manufactures Speciality/performance materials : producers and fabricators Speciality metals (including processes for working with metals) Ceramics Industrial Services

* Type of partner sought : Industrial, research

* Specific area of activity of the partner : mechanical industry, aerospace industry, automobile

* Task to be performed by the partner sought : Use of new material, research projects on coating, repair and Functionally Gradient Materials

*Contact Details Organisation Oseo Innovation (PIC-SOF) Contact Person Mrs Fabienne Mazeau

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