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31 janvier 2011 | Agenda

CMCEE 2012 - Call for papers and posters

International Symposium on Ceramic Materials and Components for Energy and Environmental Applications

Call for papers and posters

We cordially invite you to attend the 10th CMCEE. With your participation we look forward once again to discussing the most important questions in the field of ’ceramic components and materials for energy and environmental technology’, to gaining new knowledge and to identifying future trends in advanced ceramics science and technology.

Topics for oral presentations and posters

  • SOFC materials and technology
  • Energy harvesting systems
  • High temperature ceramic filters and membranes
  • Advanced structural ceramics for energy and environmental technology
  • Ceramic materials and systems for energy conversion and storage
  • Medical applications, bioceramic
  • Ceramic coatings for structural, environmental and functional application
  • Novel, green and energy efficient processing and manufacturing technologies
  • Advanced functional ceramic materials and systems
  • Nanoscaled ceramic powders and fibers, their properties and applications
  • Precursor derived ceramics
  • Ceramic matrix composites (CMC) vTransparent ceramics

The organizers of the 10th CMCEE invite scientists, engineers, educators, ceramists and managers to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentation by using not later than September 23, 2011.

We are proud that we were able to win CERAMITEC, one of the most important exhibition fairs on technical ceramics, as co organizer of CMCEE allowing us to offer you a combined program in Dresden and Munich.

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