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31 janvier 2011 | Veille marchés et technologie

Offres et Demandes de partenariats technologiques

Voici quelques articles d’offres et de demandes de partenariats technologiques issus de notre prospection mensuelle.

Smart coating / smart surface treatment technology for endoscopes sought

Ref : 10 NL 60AF 3JE7 REQUEST A SME from the Netherlands is looking for parties for technical cooperation that have knowledge and practical experience with applying and maintaining smart coatings. This applies to fabrication of new tools, but also to coating of used surgical tools.

Listé dans : Autres Technologies Industrielles

Expertise on dirt repelling surfaces for poultry slaughtering lines sought

Ref : 10 NL 60AF 3JE9 REQUEST A SME from the Netherlands is looking for parties that have knowledge and practical experience with smart surfaces (coatings or surface treatment). Such a surface is wanted to minimize cleaning effort of poultry slaughtering lines.

Expertise in cold chain handling requested

Ref : 10 NL 60AF 3IAE REQUEST A Dutch SME specializing in cold chain solutions is looking to improve the quality of their service and to develop technologies to extend their service to new areas. Technical cooperation with parties offering expertise in the field of monitoring and controlling sensitive shipments are sought.

Technological Production Line to briquette

Ref : 10 PL 64BJ 3J6X REQUEST The company is from Poland is looking for a technological production line to briquette. Technological line for production of briquette forms a complex interconnected machines, forming a closed technological cycle. The technology should be available on the market. The company accepts license agreements as a basis of cooperation.

High-performance functional coatings for a wide range of industrial and biomedical purposes

Ref : 10 DK 20B2 3JKT OFFER A Danish non-profit organisation has developed a silane technology platform which makes it possible to tailor-make coatings for specific purposes. The company has a long record of R&D experience regarding development, application and testing of industrial coatings with special surface properties and functionalities. Partners are expected to be interested in joint venture agreements and/or testing of new applications.

Ultrathin high efficiency thermal/solar collector

Ref : 10 IT 53U9 3JKW OFFER An Italian company, leader in the national solar thermal market since its start, 30 years ago, has realized an ultraflat plate thermal solar collector, based on nanotechnological innovations which assure high efficiency and guaranteed durability. Its extraordinary thinness (43 mm) allows its installation beside solar PV panels, even among roof tiles, in respect of any landscape need and legal constraint. The company is interested in technical cooperation or commercial agreements.

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