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31 janvier 2011 | Veille marchés et technologie

Technology collaboration REQUEST

Co-operation profile details from Entreprise Europe Sud Ouest France

Technology For Chemical Tempered Glass Production

A Turkish company that is specialized in bulletproof, heatable, laminated, camber glass production for defence and marine industries is looking for an innovative chemical tempered glass production technology.

The company is interested in technical cooperation and commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Chemical tempering is a process in which glass is fortified using an ion-exchange method. This process is used when extremely thin glass is needed and increased strength is required. As a result this process offers an increased surface compression that strengthens the glass without creating distortions, and the glass surface is rendered harder and more resistant to scratching. With chemical-tempered glass there is no risk of spontaneous breakage.

A Turkish company is looking for a company experienced in chemical tempered glass production. The company aims to learn how to perform the process and is interested in technical cooperation and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Technical Specifications / Specific technical requirements :

Increased surface compression, hardness and resistance to impact, decreased thickness compared to bulletproof glass produced with conventional production processes.

Target partner expertise sought

  • Type of partner sought : Industry.
  • Specific area of activity of the partner : Chemical Tempered Glass Production.
  • Task to be performed by the partner sought : Give technical consultancy or perform technical cooperation on chemical tempered glass production process.

Key information :

Country of origin : Turkey Listed under : Construction et Bâtiment \ Technologie des Matériaux \ Chimie et Génie Chimique Profile created on : 27/01/2011 Closing date : 11/01/2012

To find out more, contact Entreprise Europe Sud Ouest France by emailing us at quoting ref 11 TR 99PB 3K8L

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