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25 novembre 2010 | Veille marchés et technologie

Eco-friendly Parts Washer for reducing VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions

Technology Offer

The open-type parts washer is commonly used, but it is not able to effectively remove harmful VOCs from the organic solution. To solve this problem, a Korean small company developed eco-friendly parts washer with closed-type. This technology makes it possible to manufacture and install bio-ceramic filters that can be recycled unlike the existing open-type parts washer with a limited lifetime. They seek partners for licensing agreement or technical cooperation for further development.

Description :

The open-type parts washers are widely used in various industries including automobile parts industry, but VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) generated by washing parts are defined as carcinogen that can easily evaporate in the atmosphere and lead to global warming. Since 2001, the VOC emissions are strictly regulated by California’s SCAQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District), as well as international environmental law because of environmental problems like air pollution and global warming. Thus, using parts washers of the existing open-type is in crisis of being discontinued. In order to solve these problems and effectively remove harmful VOCs, the company has successfully developed eco-friendly parts washing device based on closed-type. This environmentally friendly parts washer can control VOC emissions during the parts washing below regulations (50ppm) by using the VOC Flow Circuit System. Especially, as the result of this technology, the company got approval for the world’s first use of SCAQMD in July 2010. Moreover, by using a recyclable bio-ceramic filter, this developed parts washer can replace the existing open-type parts washer without filtering. As a bio-organism, red clay is rich in microorganism and contains a variety of enzymes so that these are useful for an oxidation-reduction reaction. The company used a mixture of red clay and various ceramics to maximize the reduction of the VOCs. Besides, this bio-ceramic filter was manufactured by the dry process using a way of bio ceramic coating on ceramic structure with the pore size of 10 20um as a support. The company is also developing an air cleaner that can remove VOCs using a bio-ceramic filter, and the air cleaner can be available on the market soon.

Innovations and advantages of the offer

Key features of eco-friendly parts washer in comparison with the existing general parts washer :

1)The parts washer is equipped with a safety cover and acid/organic compounds-resistant gloves for worker safety protection.

2)The circulating cleansing solution can be stored.

3)The VOC Flow Circuit System, consisting of a chiller, blower and bio-ceramic filter, can control VOC emissions during the parts washing below regulations (50ppm) of California’s SCAQMD. In terms of the efficiency of VOC removal (95%), the experimental results of this parts washer showed 97.68% under SCAQMD attending in July 2010.

4) This system has a heating function of a cleansing solution for preventing the decline of a washing efficiency from cold temperatures in the winter.

5) The recovery rate of waste solution (waste oil) can be improved up to 30%.  : ( 45l -> 60l / Drum )


* Type of partner sought : Company.

* Specific area of activity of the partner : Parts washers related industries.

* Task to be performed by the partner sought : They want partners to improve the performance of the existing part washer using their bio-ceramic filter.

  • Contact Details Organisation Oseo Innovation (PIC-SOF) Mrs Fabienne Mazeau

Phone +33 5 55 33 08 20

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