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25 novembre 2010 | Agenda

CIP2011 : Congress Centre 18th International Colloquium on Plasma Processes

July 4-8, 2011 Nantes, France

The CIP topics cover the whole area of plasma processes from fundamentals to applications.

The aim of the Conference is to feature the tatest developments, recent issues and challenges for plasma processes in various industrial fields. The Conference will include invited and contributed conferences given as lectures or as posters.

You will find enclosed the first announcement including the invited speakers.

Further information will be given in the second announcement and call for papers, which will be sent in January. The abstract submission deadline is April 15th.

Main topics & Invited Speakers

  • Advanced plasma sources / S. Konstantinidis (Belgium)
  • Microdischarges / J. Hopwood (USA)
  • Plasma modelling / V. Guerra (Portugal)
  • Plasma diagnostics and plasma processes / M. Creatore (The Netherlands)
  • Dusty plasmas / J.P. Borra (France)
  • Plasma deposited (multi)functional coatings / A. Sonnenfeld (Switzerland)
  • Plasma for surface engineering / C. Oehr (Germany)
  • Plasma for the Life sciences / M. Laroussi (USA)
  • Plasma medicine / J.M. Pouvesle (France)
  • Plasma for microelectronics, micro- and nanotechnology / G. Kokkoris (Greece)
  • Plasma for nanofabrication and nanosciences / D. Mariotti (UK)
  • Plasma for energy and environmental applications / A. Milella (Italy)

CIP 2011 is organized by the French Vacuum Society (SFV) and will be coupled with SVTM 2011 (International Exhibition on Vacuum and Surface Engineering) and the 38th A3TS Congress devoted to surface treatment.

Feel free to visit the website of the conference

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