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25 novembre 2010 | Veille marchés et technologie

Silicon nitride feedstock for extrusion

Technology Request :

For the production of silicon nitride parts, a feedstock for extrusion of silicon nitride is necessary. A Swiss company is looking for a company, who offers commercial silicon nitride feedstock for extrusion. The feedstock should be ready for use and should content all necessary sinter additives. Alternatively the company is interested in contacts with companies who have the know-how for the formulation of the silicon nitride feedstock.

Description :

This Swiss company has its core competences in non oxide ceramics like silicon carbide. Additionally the company is a specialist for bonded and soldered ceramic composites. Solutions with silicon nitride are also offered but not being produced by extrusion. To expand their possibilities they plan to start an own production of silicon nitride parts. Therefore a silicon nitride feedstock for extrusion is requested. This feedstock should be usable for production of max. 1 m long rods of 2 – 20 mm in diameter.

Technical Specifications / Specific technical requirements of the request :

* Easy debindering
* Defect free extrusion

Sintered silicon nitride :

* Density > 3,2 g/cm
* Bending strength > 800 MPa


- Type of partner sought :

Feedstock manufacturer or company who has the know-how of the formulation of the silicon nitride feedstock.

- Specific area of activity of the partner : Manufacturer of feedstock, ready to use materials.

- Task to be performed by the partner sought : Sales of feedstock or formula of feedstock.

  • Contact Details

Organisation Oseo Innovation (PIC-SOF)

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Phone +33 5 55 33 08 20

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