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29 octobre 2010 | Veille marchés et technologie

Offre de technologie : New optimized Kalsilite production process (Ref : 10 ES 27F4 3IJV )

Description :

An Andalusian research center has patented a new procedure of obtaining kalsilita (KAlSiO4), consisting of kaolinite hydrothermal treatment at temperatures between 250 and 350 °C. The process is performed in a stainless steel hydrothermal reactor SS-316, where the solid and liquid are introduced. The reactor is capable of maintaining the desired temperature. The pressure reached in the reactor is the corresponding to the water vapor temperature employed (around 85 bars). The heating process carried out on a gradual rise in temperature, having duration of around 100 hours.

Kalsilite has been synthesized previously by a variety of techniques including cation exchange from nepheline, solid state synthesis from zeolite, kaolinite or other silicate compounds, sol-gel methods using TEOS (Tetraethyl orthosilicate Si(OC2H5)4) or silica (SiO2) as silicon (Si) source and hydrothermal methods from muscovite. Many of these methods give rise to secondary products or to poorly ordered kalsilite.

In addition the hydrothermal conditions of these processes are much more demanding, making use of high pressure (1000 bars), high temperatures (up to 600 °C) and long times of reaction (15 days), with the consequent fabrication costs increase. Compared with other synthesis methods, the hydrothermal method is economical and convenient to prepare pure materials with fine particle size at low temperature.

Innovations and advantages of the offer

  • The new patented procedure provides kalsilite with a higher degree of purity than the existing market techniques.
  • The pressure values required are an order of magnitude lower than the one used by traditional methods, facilitating and making cheaper the process.
  • The new process works at temperatures up to 300 °C lower than the procedures used to date.
  • Manufacturing times are reduced from 15 days traditional processes to around 100 hours.
  • The previous advantages result in substantial costs reduction of the kalsilite manufacturing process.

Current and Potential Domain of Application

  • Porcelain fused to metal systems.
  • Ceramic dental restoration.
  • High thermal expansion ceramic for metal binding.
  • Catalysts for diesel engines.
  • Cement additives


  • Type of partner sought : Industry. Sectors : Ceramics. Catalysts. Cement.
  • Specific area of activity of the partner : Manufacturers of dental restoration pieces. Manufacturers of catalysts. Cement manufacturers.
  • Task to be performed by the partner sought : The testing and implementation of this technology for specific uses as : dental restoration, different composition materials union, diesel engines or cements additives.

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